Welcome to the Demiplane of Dread

You’ve all witnessed something truly terrible. It’s called the Chimney Man, a ghastly figure covered in ash and carrying a blood soaked bag that holds his victims. Its visits to Paridon have become more frequent as of late, and you’ve all managed to get tangled up in the mess.

Paridon is a dirty, gritty, expensive city. It is the very essence of societal decay; the old money of King’s Quarters and the wealthy merchants of Shadewell vie for control of the city council. The alleys of Blackchapel are just as likely to contain a well-meaning Newsbill reporter as a vicious gang, or perhaps even the dreaded Bloody Jack himself. Inhuman eyes peer out at you from the corners of Southshore. The sounds of fog bells and ship horns can always be heard over the grunts of tired stevedores in the Docks district. Riverside gives the city a marketplace unlike any other; anything from fine jewelry to deadly and forbidden items can be found among its many upscale shops and back alley stands. Whatever you do, avoid the Bowels at night; too many a citizen have gone missing, and urban legends tell of a strong connection between this strange district and the depths below the city sewers.

So lock your doors and latch the windows. Keep a candle burning and say your prayers. The sun is setting in Paridon and as the gangs in Blackchapel like to say, longer shadows make for shorter lives.


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