Session 2: The Swamp of Souragne

The swamp holds many secrets.

After finding yourselves lost in the swamp under a sky with a brewing storm, with a fellow traveler, and under attack by its denizens, you happened upon a small band of Vistani. These kind people shared their fire and food for the night, informed you that you were currently in the land of Souragne, and even allowed their daughter to read your fortune without charge. Valana informed you that the current troubles of the nearby village of Marais d’Tarascon began with a fortune, and she hoped they would also end with one. They pointed you in the direction of the village, but were gone by the time you awoke. On your way, you found yourself approaching a house held up by four tall poles. Inside, you met an unfortunate young man, Luc, who began to follow you around, muttering strange mixed up rhymes.

Arriving in Marais d’Tarascon was a strange ordeal; the funeral procession proved shocking as you watched the villagers intern a chain wrapped coffin that never stopped moving. Upon further investigation, you discovered that their have been murders, missing bodies, and healthy people dropping dead only to rise as zombies and flee into the fields. The local Shaman informed you of the strange events involving Marcel and Jean Tarascon. Marcel had become obsessed with finding a scroll said to foretell future events, and had unfortunately died during the search, leaving Luc as a “lost one” and driving Jean to insanity. You discovered Jean was the murderer, and quickly dispatched him after he failed to finish off his latest victim, the innkeeper’s daughter Lillin. The villagers, thinking and Jean being dead meant an end to their troubles, decided to drink and feast and be merry with you at the local inn that night, but the troubles were far from over. As the storm finally came, and an army of undead marched on the village, Luc’s rhymes and mutterings became clear concise statements and prophecies, and it became apparent that some of what he was saying must have been from the Vistani daughter Valana’s first fortune reading. You hurried to find Marcel, and were directed to the old cemetery by the Shaman. Inside you found all manner of creatures serving the master of the graveyards, and you were forced to flee for your lives to reach Marcel. Alexia Silva Goldonis was cut down and ripped apart by giants bats and rats only to reappear in Marcel’s tomb in perfect health, save the feral looks and sharp claws that now graced her appearance. After defeating Marcel and his zombies, mostly due to the help that the first prophecy’s fulfillment, a full eclipse of a bright red moon, offered, Alexia told her story. She was offered a second chance a little more power in exchange for her soul by an entity known as Inajira. After saving the village, you three brave souls, and one soulless fallen priestess, were commanded to leave by The Lord of the Dead, who stood in the distance pointing in the direction of the water’s edge. The ruler of Souragne was kind enough to provide a small rowboat and the Scroll of Hyskosa, a list of six (with one missing) omens that foretell the horrible events to come. You have seen one omen (the eclipse), but five are coming.

After days spent guiding your boat through the mists, you arrive on the rocky shoreline of a cold forested land.



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