Session 3: The Isle of Liffe

Even a man who is pure of heart, and says his prayers by night...

Arriving on the shores of a land Mishka Gry recognized as Liffe, you found yourselves witnessing what seemed to be the execution of a werewolf. The Captain of the small militia group, Alec Rapacion, invited you to join his werewolf hunters and serve as contracted militia guards. You served for three weeks before arriving in the village of Moondale. On your first night, two murders occurred, both likely by a werewolf, causing suspicion and alarm in both the villagers and your party. As villagers, and your fellow guardsmen, started to drop like flies around you, your suspicions became centered on your Captain. Confronting him, you told him you believed he too had been cursed, and was committing these crimes unawares. He asked to be executed in the woods, as he was a man of the forests and hills of this land. When he reached a good spot, he turned on you, revealing himself to be a natural lycanthrope. The innkeeper, a luckily non-evil Nosferatu named Dante Lysin, came to your rescue with a gold dagger, after researching lycanthropic phenotypes found on Liffe and determining Alec to be a Mountain Loup Garou. The vampire drove him off, but he was not done with you yet, especially since you had all received a bite, and therefore could each be cursed by the wolf.

You left Moondale for the next village, a small thorp called Goldendale just 3 days walk south. There, you dealt with the supposed mutual murder of the skilled werewolf hunters Fenthick and Moss, which turned out to be a trap set by their lover, Kina. Kina was revealed to be a Skin Thief who stole Kina’s skin in order to fulfill her end of a bargain with the local werewolf pack who wanted Fenthick and Moss out of the way. Realizing you only had 3 weeks to kill Alec Rapacion, conduct the rituals to cure your curse, and prepare the town for the attack of a pack of 8 werewolves, you immediately set to work. Borrowing 4 crossbowmen from the town guard, you lured Alec into a tightly packed grove of trees, and with great difficulty managed to kill him, though two brave guardsmen died in the fight. You then returned to begin the rituals with the town cleric. Three of you passed, one of you did not, and poor Tankora had to be slain before his rampage began taking lives. Now cured of your curse, you have two weeks to prepare the town for the arrival of the pack.



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