Session 1: The Seer of Freak Street

Your paths cross here.

Through questioning policemen, city guardsmen, and the drunkards in the taverns, you’ve all heard that a seer named Rozalina in Southshore has also had a loved one taken by The Chimney Man. Arriving on Freak Street at the same time, you each notice the other three asking the same questions, and looking for the same person. Realizing you have both a tragedy and a goal in common, you decide to explore Freak Street together.

After meeting with Rozalina and having her perform a few Tarokka readings to guide your group, you set about finding more clues. You researched The Chimney Mankidnappings and Virgin Murders at the Yard, the University of Paridon, and the Newsbill. You made a few important contacts, including the reporter Daniel Toms and the ex-yardsman Captain Briggsy.

You decided that there may be a missing victim, as the third month displayed a different MO in the murder of Sarah Raff, a budding mage who may have seen something she shouldn’t have and paid for it with her life at the hands of The Chimney Man.

You saw The Chimney Man come through the Mists of the sewers in Blackchapel, and determined it is likely not responsible for the Virgin Murders, despite Sarah Raff’s being a virgin.

You made a few contacts in a local Blackchapel gang, notably William, Sarah Raff’s ex-boyfriend, but you still get the feeling walking into the alley with too much money on you is a bad idea.

Despite Alexia’s insistence of his innocence, both Kuen and Mishka believe Dr. Niles Patterson to be the murderer, due to his lack of a solid alibi for the nights of the murders.

You decided to stake out the sewers for The Chimney Man’s return trip, and while in pursuit of your quarry, you were taken by the swirling Mists. You then awoke in the muck of a dark swamp.



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