A beautiful elven female with long golden hair and green eyes.


Amawyn, a bard and the daughter of a modest household in Hroth, met the trader Tankora when she was barely 100 years old. She fell in love quickly, giving birth to a daughter during his training years, and happily following him north to the Breadth Forest for his assignment from the House of Rangers.

They lived a simple and happy life in a small collective in the woods for nearly 200 years. Then the night came when Tankora was called out by his fellow woodsmen to take care of a large rabid animal that had claimed the life of one of their kin. That night, as she drifted off to sleep, the air seemed to chill, and a paralyzing fear overtook her. She stared blankly, terrified and still, into the glowing red eyes of an ashy faced man who appeared in a cloud of dust and smoke in her chambers. She managed to scream as he thrust her into a large bag on his back. Her scream was just loud enough to reach the ears of a neighboring family, who rushed to her aid, only to see the terrifying man finish tying the bag. Though they fled in fear, they told Tankora what had occurred.


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