Master of the Hakate Ryu martial arts.


A martial artist looking to be in his late 40s, though he is much older. He has black and grey hair, and dark brown eyes. His body lacks a single inch of wasted space, as he is well muscled from years of training.


Hoku is the grandmaster of the Hakate Ryu, or Hawk hand style, martial art. One day he discovered a boy bleeding to death after an attack by vengeful samurai; he nursed this boy, Kuen sun, back to health, and took him on as a student. Hoku raised Kuen Sun from the age of 5, and was pleased to see in investment was well worth it; the boy became his most talented disciple.

Hoku has been taken by the Chimney Man, a strange creature that must have incredible strength to overpower such a prolific figure in the Rokushima Taiyoo martial arts world.


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