Kuen sun

Pit fighting martial artist.


Rokushima Taiyoo, an island domain hundreds of miles off the coast of the Core, is a land dedicated to one thing: war. Your father (Okoshima) was not the greatest of samurai, but when he refused to commit Seppuku after dishonorably fleeing battle (resulting in the death of a commander), he became known as “The Shamed Blade.” Forced out of the Tetsugai clan for his insulting behavior, Okoshima effectively destroyed your family and became a Ronin, taking easy jobs for money to support you and your mother Sayumi. When he took a job to kill the son of a Tetsugai warrior, his old clan vowed revenge, killing your father and mother and leaving you for dead, bleeding out in the street at the tender age of 5.

When you awoke, your wounds had been bandaged and treated. With great pain, you managed to open your eyes to view a man, who looked to be about 40, standing above the strange bed. He told you it would be alright, you were safe, and the wounds were not infected. In the coming weeks you regained your strength, and Hoku, the man who saved you, introduced you to the rest of the monks at the temple. Hoku was a master of martial arts, a devout believer in strength of the self above all else, and a kind man. He nursed you back to health, and began to train you in his family’s art, Hakate Ryu (Hawk-Hand Style). You excelled as a student of the martial arts, quickly becoming the master’s main apprentice. Being the First Apprentice of such a reputable school of war gave you the heavy responsibilities of representing your temple and earning money in tournaments to benefit them. To fulfill this responsibility you became a well ranked fighter in the pit challenges of Chuugoka. As a fighting monk of the Hakate Ryu, you were often asked to help defend villages from the evils of the mists and mountains, and became well respected as a fighter.

In your 22nd year, upon your return from the battles of the Chuugoka city pit tournaments one night, by the light of the full moon, you saw a strange site: your master’s chimney pipe was not producing much smoke. On a cold winter night in Rokushima Taiyoo, a warm fire was necessary to avoid death by cold and disease. You rushed into your master’s chambers only to see the remains of the still smoking firewood scattered about, and your bloodied master being stuffed into a bag by a horrifying figure with bright red eyes and a black toothless maw. You leapt at the man with furious attacks, but to no avail. He battered you aside, and the last thing you saw before losing consciousness was his frightening change of shape into an ashy mist that made its way up and out of the chimney.

The next morning, you awoke to the other students quickly bandaging your wound and begging to be told what had happened. As you regained your bearings, briefly told them what had happened, named your successor (Hajimata) as the Assistant Instructor, and grabbed what little you owned to prepare for the journey to find your master. You spent the next year searching every inch of the islands, but found no trace of him, save a few stories of similar kidnappings, always on the full moon.

One night, while exhausted from the hunt for clues, you found yourself in a tavern sitting next to a fellow tournament fighter, Tebori. Tebori was surprised to see you, and went on to sadly explain that your school and all its students had been destroyed by the Tetsugai clan. Knowing that with the death of Hajimata the only man able to advance your skills in Hakate Ryu is your master, you set out to find him with renewed determination.

A traveling merchant (Xavier), given special permission to come trade after he rescued a Shujin‘s shipwrecked son, informed you that similar kidnappings occurred often in his homeland of Paridon. He was only allowed this one trip to trade as a reward for rescuing the local lord’s son, however he was soon to return home, and invited you to travel if you would earn your keep on the ship. You agreed, and traveled to Paridon. Pleased with your diligence, in addition to the travel, Xavier provided you with a small stipend to help you get by in the expensive city.

Kuen sun

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