Mishka Gry

Giomorgio Bard/Rogue 2/2


picture – Belizza, Mishka and Belza


Exotic Weapon Prof – Firearms
Quick Draw


1. Bertram Fidelicus

Often seen in the Riverside and University area. He is well dressed and slightly overweight and older; a well mannered merchant dealing in chalk and Mordent goods. He is suspected to be working with a half vistani named Mishka who knows a mistway to Mordent.

2. Vilmer Villpo

Seen in Black Chapel, he is unkempt, not shaven and a bit on the skinny side, though he is often hiring himself out as a procurer of used goods and a bypasser of common security systems.


The child of a human merchant, his father Geman and a Vistani traveling circus performer, his mother Belizza you should have been left behind by the gypsy travelers, however your grandmother Mala saw something in you. Mala was renowned for having the strongest “sight” in the small group of Naiat Vistani, and she told the worried mother that the child would remain with them when born. Growing up as a talented performer in your own right, you became one of the main attractions, dancing and performing daring knife throwing tricks alongside the beautiful but aging Belizza. Belizza eventually took another lover, producing a half sister for you. The beautiful child was named Belza, after her mother. You and Belza grew incredibly close as the years went on, and in your 16th year (her 6th year), you began to perform together. Life in the circus, The Traveling Moons Caravan, was perfect. Until…

One night while the caravan was stopped in Mordent, Mala came into your tent looking frightened. She handed you a bag of supplies and told you to grab Belza and run. She told you: “Never look back my child, a plague has taken the caravan, and none are safe. I’m sorry my child, but you must go. Go and be proud of your family’s blood, raise Belza to be a good girl and a fine woman. Keep her safe.” You ran off with Belza and what little supplies and money Mala gave you. Running through the mists for hours, the fog swirled, closed around you, and then released you. When the mists cleared, you were in a place unlike anything you’d seen before. A huge city lay before you, the dark and rain soaked city of Paridon.

You and Belza became street performers for a time, slowly collecting and saving money to hopefully get off the dangerous streets of Southshore. One day a human and a Vistani walked by as you were recounting the story of your journey to Paridon once again to your half sister, and stopped dead in their tracks as you described the mists. They asked if you remember the spot where you arrived. You did, and they paid you a small sum to be shown the area. Mistways are not simple doors or paths, they must be known, felt, experienced as living gateways, and when you arrived at the spot, memories of the trip and your need to escape flooded your mind. The mists swirled, and instinctively, you knew how to travel the path. The pair who happened to walk by were members of the Zherisian Cartographic Society, essentially Mistway guides for travelers and merchants. They hired you, and have been paying you enough to keep both yourself and Belza safe, healthy, and fed every day. Life, it seemed, was finally becoming peaceful. Until…

In the winter of your 20th year, you awoke to a muffled scream, and the sound of shuffling in Belza’s room. You grabbed your trusty dagger and ran into her chambers, only to see an open window and instead of Belza, a disgusting man covered in ash and soot, holding a large bag soaked red with blood. His sickening red eyes opened wide as you charged him, but the next thing you saw was the morning sunlight passing through the still open window, no trace of Belza, or the strange creature, were to be found.

Mishka Gry

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