A dwarf with a wit as sharp as his axe.


The dwarf Potato lived a simple life on the mountainous borders of his homeland of Nova Vaasa, a large nation on the Eastern edge of the Core. He spent his youth working the gold and gem mines of the Balinoks, before traveling North with a small community of dwarves determined to reopen the long abandoned mining tunnel trade route between Liara on the Northern edge of Nova Vaasa and Tempe Falls in central Darkon. Reopening this trade route would benefit both nations and especially both cities greatly, as well as bring great riches from the new merchant contracts and tolls that could be created.

One night, as Potato drifted off to sleep, a great howl shattered all the glass in his bedchamber, and he awoke to the screams of his fellow dwarves. Grabbing his trusty axe, he set out to help his brethren, only to discover a gigantic wolf-like creature slaughtering the dwarves of his commune. He stared blindly as the hideous snarling monster bit his friends in half; he fell to his knees as the crumpled and half chewed body of his old smithing master, Uncle Stoneborn, rolled past him. Swatted aside by the giant creature’s paw, Potato’s unconscious body ended up out of sight, and thus he alone survived the beast’s rampage. After waking the next day, he buried the dead, packed his gear, and set out to find the Great Wolf.

His search led him to Liffe, after receiving word that many huge wolf monsters inhabited the island. Unfortunately, these werewolf creatures were nothing like the grotesque mockery of a giant wolf beast that destroyed his home. After a night of drinking with a group of travelers, Potato decided to join them, in hopes their wandering quests would lead him to the beast that took the lives of his family and friends.



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