Tankora is a 453 year old elven ranger from the Breadth Forest in Sithicus. Born to the House of Rangers in the city of Mal Erek and trained in the woods north of Hroth, Tankora quickly became known as a skilled hunter and a respected fur trader. While trading in Hroth, he met the beautiful elf maiden Amawyn. He fell in love quickly, and they gave birth to a daughter during his training years in Hroth. He was overjoyed when she happily agreed to follow him north to the Breadth Forest for his assignment from the House of Rangers. He was tasked with protecting a large portion of the woods north of the Widow’s Tears river. He tried to raise his lovely daughter in the ways of the ranger, hoping she would someday enter the House of Rangers training camps and continue his work protecting the woods and rivers of their home, but she was gifted in other ways. Perhaps it was her mother’s bardic talents, or her birth in the magical city of Hroth, but she always had a strange connection to the land and the world around her. Something he couldn’t quite grasp; it was unlike his connection to his natural surroundings, instead of the trees and beasts, she seemed connected to the energy and the mysteries that hold the world together. He knew she would someday leave, and rather than disrespect her freedom, he sent her to study with a friend in the House of Wizards. Knowing his many connections and the sorcerers and wizards he had formed unlikely friendships with during militia training would protect her, he presented her with a map and a bag one day, and told her to “be great, and to never forget her people or her home.” With that she left to train in the ways of the arcane arts.

They lived a simple and happy life in a small collective in the woods for nearly 200 years. Then the night came when Tankora was called out by his fellow woodsmen to take care of a large rabid animal that had claimed the life of one of their kin. That night, as Amawyn drifted off to sleep, the air seemed to chill, and a paralyzing fear overtook her. She stared blankly, terrified and still, into the glowing red eyes of an ashy faced man who appeared in a cloud of dust and smoke in her chambers. She managed to scream as he thrust her into a large bag on his back. Her scream was just loud enough to reach the ears of a neighboring family, who rushed to her aid, only to see the terrifying man finish tying the bag. Though they fled in fear, they told Tankora what had occurred.

Nearly succumbing to madness, Tankora grabbed his weapons and supplies, and set out to find the beastly thing that had taken his beloved. He stopped only to write a letter to his daughter, telling her both of the tragic kidnapping and his resolve to track them down. He would rescue Amawyn and kill the thing which dared touch her.

His search led him far away from the realm of Sithicus. He even managed to find the shores of Paridon for a brief time, during which he discovered that three other victimized wanderers had disappeared into the Mists while following the creature, which they referred to as The Chimney Man, in the sewers. Without a second thought he broke down the shoddy brick walls of the sewer tunnel and walked straight into the swirling mist.

When he awoke, he was laying in the muck of the roots of a large overturned tree. As he regained his sense, he noticed three strangers across the waters of the swamp, trying to reach for a large raft.


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