Tag: Azrael


  • Azrael Dak

    The dwarven king of [[Sithicus]] who earned the nickname "The Sorrow of Sithicus" during his 30 years as the emissary of the former ruler, [[Lord Soth]]. Azrael, a despot with unholy powers, rules Sithicus through sheer fear. The dwarf recently seized …

  • Nedragaard Keep

    A huge castle that functions as the seat of power for the ruler of [[Sithicus]]. Its first known master was [[Lord Soth]], and it is currently inhabited by [[Azrael Dak]].

  • The Shadow Rift

    A seemingly bottomless and impossibly black crevice, nearly the size of a [[Domain]], that was formed during the [[Hour of Screaming Shadows]] in [[Sithicus]]. It lies at the heart of the [[Core]].