Tag: Barovia


  • Village of Barovia

    The Village of Barovia, in the nation of [[Barovia]] is secluded from the rest of our world by a mysterious and poisonous fog that surrounds the village and rarely, if ever, lifts. As a result, the village has never grown beyond five hundred inhabitants, …

  • Svalich Pass

    A mountain passage through the [[Balinoks]] on the [[Old Svalich Road]] in [[Barovia]]. Controlling the pass allows Count [[Strahd]] to control East/West trade in most of the Southern [[Core]].

  • Balinoks

    The Balinoks are a mountain range that divides the [[Core]] between the West and the East. They once reached from the northern frontier of [[Markovia]] to the southern frontier of [[Bluetspur]]. Since the [[The Great Upheaval]], they are circumscribed to …