Tag: Darkon


  • Tempe Falls

    A dwarven settlement in the Northernmost edges of the [[Mountains of Misery]] in [[Darkon]].

  • Abyss of the Hated Mother

    The Abyss of the Hated Mother is the headquarters of the Dark Delvers. It is a complex of caves and tunnels hidden beneath the northern flank of Mount Nirka. Currently, the site lies squarely within [[Darkon]], whereas it once nearly abutted the frontier …

  • Mayvin

    A gnomish settlement in west-central [[Darkon]] in the north-western foothills of the [[Mountains of Misery]].

  • Strigos Road

    The Strigos Road (Via Strigos), which is to say the "Rawboned Road", is a project that was initiated by [[Azalin Rex]] subsequent to his re-emergence in 755 BC. It will join the [[East Timori Road]] at [[Liara]] to the [[Argenteus Road]] and [[Tempe Road …

  • Argenteus Road

    The Argenteus Road connects [[Tempe Falls]] and [[Mayvin]]. It meets the [[Tempe Road]] just west of Tempe Falls and connects with the [[Corvus Road]] and the [[Transumbra Road]] in Mayvin.

  • Transumbra Road

    The Transumbra Road is a road construction in [[Darkon]]. When complete, the Transumbra Road will run west from [[Mayvin]], crossing the Corvus River and passing through the Forest of Shadows before ending in [[Creeana]].

  • Creeana

    A village in western [[Darkon]] that was once destroyed by a creature known as the Whistling Fiend. It is being rebuilt, and has been chosen as the western end of the [[Transumbra Road]].

  • East Timori Road

    The East Timori Road reaches from the cliffs overlooking the [[Nocturnal Sea]] to the Descent carved into the face of [[The Shadow Rift]]. It joins the lands of [[Tepest]] and [[Nova Vaasa]] and the communities of [[Briggdarrow]], [[Viktal]], [[Kellee]], …

  • King's Highway

    The King's Highway joins [[Maykle]] to [[Stangengrad]] by way of [[Karg]], [[Il Aluk]], [[Nartok]], and [[Creeana]], clinging to the banks of the Vuchar River much of the way between Karg and Nartok. [[Azalin Rex]] sees that the road is well maintained, …

  • Tempe Road

    A road that stretches North from [[Tempe Falls]] in [[Darkon]] and joins the [[King's Highway]]. The [[Strigos Road]] will connect the [[East Timori Road]] at [[Liara]] to both the [[Argenteus Road]] and the Tempe Road just west of Tempe Falls.

  • Corvus Road

    The Corvus Road connects [[Mayvin]] via [[Corvia]] to the [[King's Highway]] well east of [[Il Aluk]]. It connects with the [[Argenteus Road]] and the [[Transumbra Road]] in Mayvin.

  • Corvia

    A village in the [[Mountains of Misery]] region of [[Darkon]], Corvia is uniquely styled by its citizens, who have carved all homes and shops out of the natural stone surroundings.

  • Sidnar

    In Northeastern [[Darkon]], Sidnar towers over the gorge carved by the Khourx River. The town is perched in the hills above Lake Korst on the extreme western frontier of the Mistlands. In terms of geography it should belong to the [[Mountains of Misery]] …

  • Rivalis

    A small city located in the [[Forest of Shadows]] in western [[Darkon]]. It is on the western extension of the [[King's Highway]]