Tag: Hazlan


  • Red Academy

    A college devoted to the study of arcane lore and the development of magical power. It is located in [[Ramulai]] in the [[Red Wizard's Vale]] at the foot of Mt. Soren in [[Hazlan]]. It was created by [[Hazlik]], ruler of Hazlan.

  • Red Wizard's Vale

    The Red Wizard's Vale (a wide river valley between greatly eroded slopes) is found at the foot of Mount Soren, in the centre of [[Hazlan]]. [[Hazlik]] choose it as the site of the town of [[Ramulai]] which hosts the [[Red Academy]].

  • Hazlik

    Hazlik is the undisputed ruler of [[Hazlan]]. He is obsessed with cheating death and having his revenge upon his enemies. The Red Wizard (a nickname for Hazlik) is one of the most powerful spellcasters in the [[Land of Mists]] and has taken the …

  • Toyalis

    Toyalis is built within a vast crater, atop the layers of successive ruins. With a population of 8,200, it is easily the largest city in [[Hazlan]]. It is joined to [[Immol]] in [[Barovia]] by the [[Warlock's Road]]. The distance is reckoned to be one day …

  • Hazlani

    Of or relating to the nation of [[Hazlan]] or its people. The language of Hazlan however is [[Vaasi]].

  • Iron Road

    The Iron Road joins [[Toyalis]] to [[Sly-Var]], traversing the Ensommark (“Lonely Plain”), and continues on to the east into [[Nova Vaasa]].

  • Red Highway

    The Red Highway joins [[Toyalis]] to [[Ramulai]], scaling the Forhenvaerendman (“Ancient Ones”) and breaching the [[Balinoks]].

  • Warlock's Road

    The Warlock’s Road joins [[Toyalis]] to [[Immol]], traversing the Ensommark (“Lonely Plain”) and climbing into the [[Balinoks]] where it stays close to the Saniset River.

  • Rashemani

    The lower class of the citizens of [[Hazlan]]. They make up the majority of the military's lower ranked soldiers and the labor force of the nation. They are despised by their ruler [[Hazlik]].

  • Mulan

    The upper class of the citizens in [[Hazlan]]. The Mulan make up the mercantile and political portion of their society, and serve as the upper echelons of the military. Many, including the ruler [[Hazlik]] look down on the [[Rashemani]], whom they believe …

  • Hazlan

    *Terrain* Mountains & Hills: * The [[Balinoks]] * The Forhenvaerendman ("Ancient Ones") are the eastern foothills of the Balinoks. These foothills gives way to the Ensommark ("Lonely Plain"). [[Toyalis]] sits at the frontier between them …

  • Ramulai

    Ramulai is found in the [[Red Wizard's Vale]] at the foot of Mount Soren in the [[Hazlani]] [[Balinoks]]. It is purported to have been carved by [[Hazlik]] from living stone in a single day, subsequent to [[The Great Upheaval]] and his revocation of the …