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  • Strahd

    Count Strahd von Zarovich is the [[vampire]] [[darklord]] of [[Barovia]].

  • Lyssa von Zarovich

    Lyssa von Zarovich is the grandniece of Count [[Strahd]] von Zarovich whom she has taken for an enemy. She is a potent [[vampire]] with strength beyond her years. As part of a scheme that was monumental in its madness she contributed, presumably as a [[ …

  • Inajira

    Inajira is a [[fiend]]. He is an arcanaloth from [[Hades]]. He is a collector who deals in souls. He was called into the mortal world by Count [[Strahd]] von Zarovich. The name of the fiend is sometimes recorded as Ijrail or Inraji.

  • darklord

    This is not an in game term. This is the generic term for the ultimate prisoner of a particular [[Domain]], its ruler.

  • Keep in Mind

    Your world is a beautiful one, for all the tragedies and difficulties encountered by its inhabitants, there is greater joy. The average day and the average person does not see horrible monster attacks. Many go their whole lives thinking of vampires and …