Tag: Vistani


  • Tarokka

    Tarokka are mysterious decks of cards used by [[Vistani]] for fortune telling. It is said that some [[Vistani]] can actually use the cards for more than simple carnival tricks, providing actual prophecies and omens.

  • Scroll of Hyskosa

    These signs were foreseen by [[Hyskosa]], a [[Vistani]] most gifted with the Sight. Spread word of these wherever you travel. Only the true hearted can stop the fall of the night of evil. The night of evil shall descend on the land When this …

  • Belizza

    Belizza gave birth to Mishka, the love child of a Barovian merchant ([[:geman]]). She raised him as a performer, and eventually took another lover. This second tryst produced a sister for Mishka, the beautiful and innocent [[:belza]].

  • Rozalina

    Rozalina runs the [[Seer's Shop on Freak Street]]. Her beloved daughter was taken from her, and she wishes to help the party find [[The Chimney Man]] in hopes her daughter can be rescued. The [[Caliban]] residents of [[Freak Street]] greatly respect her …

  • Mala

    Mala has always been respected in [[The Traveling Moons Caravan]] as the one gifted with the strongest [[Sight]]. Mother to [[:belizza]], and grandmother to [[:mishka-gry]] and [[:belza]]. She saves her grandchildren before the plague has a chance to …