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  • Strigos Road

    The Strigos Road (Via Strigos), which is to say the "Rawboned Road", is a project that was initiated by [[Azalin Rex]] subsequent to his re-emergence in 755 BC. It will join the [[East Timori Road]] at [[Liara]] to the [[Argenteus Road]] and [[Tempe Road …

  • Argenteus Road

    The Argenteus Road connects [[Tempe Falls]] and [[Mayvin]]. It meets the [[Tempe Road]] just west of Tempe Falls and connects with the [[Corvus Road]] and the [[Transumbra Road]] in Mayvin.

  • Transumbra Road

    The Transumbra Road is a road construction in [[Darkon]]. When complete, the Transumbra Road will run west from [[Mayvin]], crossing the Corvus River and passing through the Forest of Shadows before ending in [[Creeana]].

  • East Timori Road

    The East Timori Road reaches from the cliffs overlooking the [[Nocturnal Sea]] to the Descent carved into the face of [[The Shadow Rift]]. It joins the lands of [[Tepest]] and [[Nova Vaasa]] and the communities of [[Briggdarrow]], [[Viktal]], [[Kellee]], …

  • King's Highway

    The King's Highway joins [[Maykle]] to [[Stangengrad]] by way of [[Karg]], [[Il Aluk]], [[Nartok]], and [[Creeana]], clinging to the banks of the Vuchar River much of the way between Karg and Nartok. [[Azalin Rex]] sees that the road is well maintained, …

  • Tempe Road

    A road that stretches North from [[Tempe Falls]] in [[Darkon]] and joins the [[King's Highway]]. The [[Strigos Road]] will connect the [[East Timori Road]] at [[Liara]] to both the [[Argenteus Road]] and the Tempe Road just west of Tempe Falls.

  • Corvus Road

    The Corvus Road connects [[Mayvin]] via [[Corvia]] to the [[King's Highway]] well east of [[Il Aluk]]. It connects with the [[Argenteus Road]] and the [[Transumbra Road]] in Mayvin.