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  • Nosferatu

    A [[vampire]] which sustains itself on blood alone, it does not need the life energy of victims. It is allergic to garlic and despises the odor of the substance. They can be killed only by driving a wooden stake through the heart and then burning it …

  • Common vampire

    The most prevalent form of [[vampire]]. They are intelligent undead who drink the blood and drain the life energy of their victims. They can be destroyed by exposure to sunlight or immersion in natural running water. They are allergic to garlic and detest …

  • vampire

    A vicious and intelligent type of undead. They drain the blood life energy of their victims to sustain themselves. They are nearly immortal, and can be killed only by special means specific to their vampiric strain and sometimes specific to the individual …

  • Dante Lysin

    The mayor and innkeeper in [[Moondale]]. He is a [[Nosferatu]] who has yet to fall to his evil instincts. He is willing to train you as vampire hunters.