Tag: werewolf


  • Mountain Loup Garou

    A [[werewolf]] subspecies which can take on hybrid and wolf form. The hybrid form is about 8-10 feet tall; the wolf form is 6 ft at the should and 10-13 feet long. It is resistant to magic and all weapons except those made with gold. It is vulnerable …

  • Common Werewolf

    The most common species of [[werewolf]]; these [[lycanthrope]]s are resistant to all weapons not made of silver. [[Wolfsbane]] is a potent ingested poison for them.

  • werewolf

    A kind of [[lycanthrope]] the party first encountered in the [[Liffe]] area. This creature shifts from a humanoid to a wolf form, and sometimes a hybrid. They are known to change on the nights of the full moon, however some can change at other times, …