Battle Rules

Critical Hits: A crit is a crit. If your weapon’s crit range is 18-20, you crit on an 18, 19, 20. A vorpal or instant kill weapon ONLY kills on a 20.

Called shot: If you call a shot, you are aiming for a crit. You don’t crit, you didn’t call it correctly (but you can still have hit if the attack was successful).

Fumbles: You miss utterly, but there are no lost turns or terrible accidents.

Death: You die at negative Con.

Movement: Please keep in mind that attacks of opportunity will occur within threatened squares. Book rules apply.

In one round, the maximum you can perform is:

1 Free action
1 Move action
1 Standard action
1 Swift or immediate action action


1 Free action
1 Full round action
1 Swift or immediate action


1 Free
2 Moves
1 Swift or immediate

Keep in mind:

You can sacrifice moves and standards for more free actions. If you want to yell “AIM FOR THE HEAD”, drop a sword, flip off a guard, and spit on his shoes, you can, but that’s your whole round.

You cannot perform immediate actions when flat footed. Immediate actions however CAN be performed on an opponents turn. Most immediate actions are spells or special abilities.

Battle Rules

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