Equivalent of Small Town; 750gp limit; Assets 9,250gp; Population 7,820

Blackchapel is a district on the western edge of Paridon. It is known primarily for the deadly Bloody Jack murders, the Newsbill, and its ubiquitous gang activity.

The Newsbill’s editors once wrote,
“Blackchapel is the truth behind Paridon.”

Blackchapel holds two-thirds of the city’s population in one-quarter of its area. King’s Quarters’ looming wall and the Riverside factories cage Blackchapel. The borough is built around its primary traffic-artery, Blackchapel Road, with its eponymous ebon-hued chapel resting at its southern end. This chapel is said to be a remnant of an archaic, theistic faith. It is presently used by the Celebrants of Humanity as a soup kitchen. Blackchapel Road spawns endless
side streets, which further split into countless more, and lastly into alleyways. Many of its
streets don’t even have names; it is a sprawling cobblestone maze, in which the
inexperienced are bound to be lost.


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