In areas where magic is often used, some of this residue taints the unborn babies of nearby pregnant mothers. This makes them stronger and resistant to magic, but also hideously deforms them, leaving them misshapen and demonic-looking. These offspring, forever outcasts, are known as Calibans.

Personality: Calibans are outcasts, and as a result most are reserved and antisocial. It is, after all, far more easily to ignore civilization than to strive for acceptance they most likely never will get. Instead, most Calibans try to gather with others of their kind, are strike out in the wilderness. Most are content to spend their lives alone. A few, however, try to follow in the steps of their “normal” parents, and integrate into society. These may be overfriendly, or willing to do anything to be accepted, even if it means losing any sort of dignity they have.

Physical Description: Calibans are hard to classify into a specific appearance. Their warped nature can manifest in many ways. Some are sickeningly pallid, why others have coal-black skin. Some are extremely muscular, while others look like they have a bad case of proteus syndrome. Most however, have small tusks and may have hunched backs. No matter how this twisted nature manifests itself, it is always painstakingly obvious that Calibans are not fully human.

Relations: Calibans rarely have any sort of relation with any race that doesn’t end with a lynching mob or enslavement. Although a few try to fit in, the majority see society as unworthy of the work necessary to fit in. Even among other races, Calibans rarely find true homes. As a result, many travel away from other races and try to establish their own, isolated homes. Half-breeds, like Half-Orcs, Half-Elves, and Half-Vistani, are often looked upon with contempt. Why is it that Calibans (pure humans) cannot fit in, but creatures with nonhuman blood strive to make it into society at large?

Alignment: Calibans are usually neutral, but they can be of any alignment. There are often more chaotic individuals than lawful, and many become evil as well, but perfectly lawful or good individuals can and do exist.

Caliban Lands: Calibans have no lands of their own, but they can be found in all domains that have a human population. Most live out their lives as hermits or in small groups of others of their own kind (usually found during their long treks in the wilderness in an attempt to become a hermit). Some, however, put up with ostracization in an attempt to mingle with their parent race.

Religion: Calibans rarely participate in an organized religion. Those that due often pray to Ezra, guardian of the mists and all of mankind.

Names: Calibans usually have human names, determined by their domain of origin.

Languages: Calibans generally speak the dominant language of their region. This is usually Balok.

Adventurers: Having nothing to lose and usually no personal attachment, Calibans are a prime choice for adventurers. Many feel great comfort when being able to actually fit in with a group of other people, even if they are unlikely to admit it.


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