Firearms in Ravenloft

Firearms in Ravenloft

Gun Systems:

Matchlock: A slow burning cord stays lit, and moves into a pan of powder to ignite the charge and fire the bullet. These weapons fire with less force than later guns. They cannot fire when wet and the match cord can go out in rainy or very damp weather. During rain, the cord has a 70% chance of being extinguished each round. Lighting the cord is a standard action, and it will stay lit until extinguished in dry conditions. Wielding a lit Matchlock gives a -8 to hide checks in darkness and shadows due to the burning cord’s glow. Reloading requires a full round action. Muzzle feed only; Pistol, Musket, Arquebus.

Wheellock: These elegant weapons are typically highly decorated with ornate patterns and inlaid designs covering the weapon. They were expensive and very difficult to make, but were often favored by nobles and monarchs due to their aesthetic qualities. Pulling the trigger causes a wheel to spin against a piece of steel or pyrite, sparking and igniting the charge to fire a bullet. Wheellocks are muzzle loaders that cannot fire when soaked, but deal standard damage and require only a standard action to load. Pistol, Musket, Arquebus, Parthian Rapier, Gunsword.

Snaplock: These Masterwork weapons were a huge improvement on their predecessors. Pulling the trigger causes a hammer to strike a curved steel or flint piece, sending sparks through a hole to ignite the charge. These muzzle loaders require a standard action to reload, except for the rare Gunkatar, which requires a full round for each of its two barrels. Snaplocks were well made enough to have rifled barrels. They can fire wet, however a complete soak will foul the powder, requiring a reload. Cost includes MW cost. Pistol, Musket, Rifle, Parthian Rapier, Gunsword, Gunkatar.

Snaphance: An improved version of the snaplock in which the priming pan opens automatically. This keeps the powder dry in all conditions, and the guns can fire even when soaked. These Masterwork weapons were advanced enough to have muzzle and breech loading pistols, muskets, and rifles; breech loading reduces reload time to a move action. Cost includes MW cost. Pistol, Musket, Rifle, Parthian Rapier, Gunsword, Gunkatar, 2 Barrel Pepperbox, 3 Barrel Pepperbox.

Flintlock: The most advanced weapons available, these Masterwork weapons still use a hammer holding a flint to strike a piece of steel, however the steel, or frizzen, is knocked back by the hammer, revealing the now unsealed priming pan full of powder. They became the preferred weapon due to their efficiency in battle as well as their being cheaper and easier to make than previous guns. Flintlocks fire wet and soaked. They shoot farther and with more force than other guns. Pistols and Muskets can be either breech or muzzle feeders, whereas Flintlock Rifles are made only as breech loading feeders. Except for the breech load only Shield Pistol, all combination weapons are still Muzzle feeders. Cost includes MW cost. Pistol, Musket, Rifle, Parthian Rapier, Gunsword, Gunkatar, Volley Gun, Lt. Shield Pistol, 2 Barrel Pepperbox, 3 Barrel Pepperbox, 4 Barrel Pepperbox.

Types of Guns:

Pistol: A light weapon, these small guns are held and fired with a single hand. They don’t shoot with the force or range that muskets or rifles do, but they still deal dangerous damage, are easy to conceal, and can be dual wielded (two weapon rules apply).

Musket: Muskets are large, two handed weapons with great range and damage. You can attach a bayonet to a Musket or use the Musket as a one handed club itself. When used as a club, the Musket can be wielded as a one handed weapon.

Arquebus: This large weapon must be shot with two hands. Essentially a long barreled pistol, these weapons deal less damage but at greater range than a regular pistol. These weapons preceded the Musket.

Rifle: This large weapon must be shot with two hands. An improvement on the smooth bored Musket, Rifles have a groove cut along the inside of the barrel, causing bullets to spin as they are shot, giving them greater range and accuracy. They have higher critical modifiers due to their greater accuracy.

Pepperbox: This light weapon is held and shot with a single hand. The predecessor to the revolver, a Pepperbox is a pistol with multiple barrels that were rotated in between shots. A pepperbox only needs to be reloaded when all barrels are empty. Rotating the barrel is a free action as part of shooting. These are the only guns that can fire more than once a round.

Volleygun: This large weapon must be shot with two hands. This large heavy gun consists of multiple barrels which all ignite at the pull of the trigger, dealing massive damage. The long reload time forces the wielder to use hit and run tactics.

Combination Weapons:

Parthian Rapier: This one handed weapon requires both the EWP Firearms and EWP Parthian Rapier feat to be used properly. When you hit with the Rapier, you can fire the built in pistol as a free action; the opponent is considered Flatfooted against this.

Gunsword: Essentially a longsword with a pistol built in, this weapon requires both the EWP Firearms and EWP Gunsword to be properly wielded. You can attack with the sword as normal, or use it as a pistol. These weapons offer great versatility.

Gunkatar: This extremely rare weapon from Sri Raji requires both the EWP Firearms and EWP Gunkatar feats to be used properly. The wielder may use it as a normal punching dagger, or can squeeze the two part handle to fire two bullets from the small caliber pistols located on the sides. When the wielder hits with the weapon in melee, he can use a free action to fire the guns off, as with a Parthian Rapier; the opponent is considered Flatfooted against this.
Shield Pistol: This weapon requires both the EWP Firearms and EWP Shield Pistol feats to be properly wielded. These light shields have a barrel poking out of the outside surface. Built into the handle is a trigger mechanism, allowing the user to fire a bullet from the shield.

Firearms in Ravenloft

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