The city in which the campaign begins. Paridon covers every inch of the Zherisian island continent. Beneath the city streets and sewers seems to be a vast network of tunnels, and many urban legends spring up regarding missing persons being dragged down.

Districts: Riverside, Southshore, Blackchapel, Shadewell, The Bowels, King’s Quarters, Docks.

Ruler: The Council of Nine, presided over by The Lord Mayor

Language: Zherisian

Races: Human

Law: City laws are enforced by the policeman of the Yard.

The Land: The entire domain, from border to border consists of the grimy city of Paridon. There is no “outside the city”.

The Folk: Hunger, disease and crime are common here. There are two types of people in this Domain: Those who have money and those who don’t. The Aristocracy is firmly in control of the government, and dreads having to share power with the unwashed masses.

Trade: Beer, Spirits, Furniture, Cloth, Ceramics, Leather and Iron Goods, Jewelry, Usury, Culture, Scientific Knowledge

Diplomacy: Since this land has no arable land, starvation is a serious concern. Although trade with other lands has been increasing steadily, the city is woefully underfed. Slowly the other realms are learning that Paridon is the most advanced city in the world and interest in the city’s culture and scientific knowledge is growing.

Wildlife: None, its a city.


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