Rokushima Taiyoo

A Lush archipelago in a poisoned sea. It consists of four islands, ruled by four brothers of the Shinpi clan (Yoku, Yake, Yami, and Yugami), surrounding the Great Mirror Lake. The Peaks of Mount Frost can be seen from anywhere in the Domain. Damp evergreen forests, arching bridges and misty waterfalls fill the islands. There were originally “Six Islands of the Sun” (the meaning of Rokyshima Taiyoo), but as local scholars know, after two brothers were killed in the constant wars, their islands subsequently sank into the sea.

Rokushima Taiyoo is a politically and culturally isolated land ruled by the samurai, a warrior class who faithfully serve their lords, the Shujin. Its people are reserved and quiet.

The Folk: Reserved folk, they pride themselves on strict decorum and aesthetics.

Trade: Rice, Beans, Tea, Mulberrys, Citrus, Fish, Crabs, Squid, Seaweed, Beer, Copper, Iron, Silk.

Rokushima Taiyoo

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