Scroll of Hyskosa

These signs were foreseen by Hyskosa, a Vistani most
gifted with the Sight. Spread word of these wherever you
travel. Only the true hearted can stop the fall of the night
of evil.

The night of evil shall descend on the land
When this hexad of signs is near at hand.

In the house of Daegon the sorcerer born
Through life, unlife, unliving shall scorn.

The lifeless child of stern mother found
Heralds a time, a night of evil unbound.

Seventh time the son of suns doth rise
To send the knave an eternity of cries.

The light of the sky shining over the dead
Shall gutter and fail, turning all to red.

Inajira will his fortunes reverse
And all shall live with dreaded curse.

Scroll of Hyskosa

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