Climate/Terrain: Temperate Forests and Hills
Population: 4,300
Major Settlements: Har Thelen (pop. 500), Hroth (pop. 900), Mal Erek (pop. 500).
Races: Elves 96%, Half-Elves 2%, Humans 1%, Other 1%
Languages: Sithican, Vaasi, Balok, Mordentish.
Religions: Ezra, Hala.
Government: Despotic monarchy and aristocracy.
Ruler: Azrael Dak


Sithicus (SITH-uh-cuss), located in the southwestern Core, is a shattered elven kingdom, perhaps the only domain in The Land of Mists populated primarily by nonhumans. As might be expected, it is a land of ancient forests where the dense, leafy boughs above blot out the sun. The wilds are overgrown and treacherous, reeking constantly of wet decay and sickly-sweet resin. Patches of briars and nettles form dense snarls, and the forest floor is slick with rotting leaves and moss. Mottled ivy and gray ferns grow everywhere, and pools of fetid water gather algae in the hollows. Fallen logs litter the understory, encrusted with florid, poisonous fungi. Rocky uplands peek out of the sweeping forest landscape here and there, providing roosts for great, russet eagles. The Musarde River and its tributaries cut through the domain’s gently rolling terrain. Near the center of the domain is the jagged maw of the Great Chasm. Out of this sheer canyon rises a black peak topped by the ruins of Nedragaard Keep, the fortress of Sithicus’ dwarven tyrant. Shattered three years ago in the Hour of Screaming Shadows, the cracked ruins now jut from the earth like blackened teeth. Ravens wheel forlornly about the towering shards, and some elves swear they have glimpsed mournful shades drifting around the ruins at night.

The climate in Sithicus is temperate but mild. Although the sun often blazes cruelly in the late summer months, the elves are sheltered by the cool shadows of the forest.


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