Souragne in short
Location: Island in the mists
Ecology: full (forest and hot marshes)
Cultural level: Chivalric (8)
Population: 3 100 (humans 99%,
other 1% – mainly Caliban
Main settlements: three – Port d’Elhour (1 200 persons), Marais d’Tarascon (300 persons), Thibaut
(150 persons)
Religion: The Loas for the masses,
Ezra for the owning class
Language: Souragnien
Government: aristocratic elected
leader, independent settlements

The Land: A slice of dry land covers the eastern side of Souragne, but the western two-thirds is a dark, swampy maze of waterways, winding through towering cypress draped with moss. Most of the swamp region is submerged. A few solid patches of land rise out of the water, but only a handful of people know their location.

Souragne includes a sliver of ocean on its northern side. The land gives way to a band of saltwater before it meets the Ravenloft Mists a few miles offshore. A small town, Port d’Elhour, lies on the coastline east of the swamp.

The Folk: Souragnien people are very superstitious. They believe in a variety of nature gods and voodoo spirits, including The Lord of the Dead, who watches over the swamp. None of the villagers venture into the swamp willingly, but it is rumored that some outcasts live in floating houses deep within it. The shaman is not afraid to enter the swamp.


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